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Computer Science Courses

Courses with section ids (e.g., CS 39000-CP0) have an intermediate page you must click through for details on a specific section. The information for your section in most cases can be found through the “Lecture” link on this primary course catalog page. In a small number of cases it will be found in the “Laboratory” section.

Computer Science Courses: Spring 2017

Undergraduate Courses

CS 11000Introduction To ComputersMarta Annette CroweTime
CS 15800C ProgrammingAlan BunningTime
CS 15900Programming Applications For EngineersAlan Bunning
William Crum
CS 17700Programming With Multimedia ObjectsGary McFallTime
CS 18000Problem Solving And Object-Oriented ProgrammingBuster DunsmoreTime
CS 18200Foundations Of Computer SciencePetros S Drineas
Wojciech Szpankowski
CS 19000-DL1Digital LiteracyDouglas Comer
Buster Dunsmore
CS 19000-LCSLearning Community SeminarDesiree C. MarmonTime
CS 19000-LE1ToolsBuster DunsmoreTime
CS 19000-LE2ToolsBuster Dunsmore
Jay Hankins
CS 19700Freshman Honors SeminarDouglas ComerTime
CS 23500Introduction To Organizational ComputingGary McFall
Marta Annette Crowe
CS 24000Programming In CGustavo Rodriguez-Rivera
George Adams
CS 25000Computer ArchitectureGeorge AdamsTime
CS 25100Data Structures And AlgorithmsXavier TricocheTime
CS 25200Systems ProgrammingNinghui LiTime
CS 29100Sophomore Development SeminarSally L. LuzaderTime
CS 30700Software Engineering IBuster DunsmoreTime
CS 34800Information SystemsElisa BertinoTime
CS 35200Compilers: Principles And PracticeGustavo Rodriguez-RiveraTime
CS 35400Operating SystemsKihong ParkTime
CS 38100Introduction To The Analysis Of AlgorithmsSusanne E HambruschTime
CS 39000-CP0Competitive ProgrammingGustavo Rodriguez-RiveraTime
CS 39000-DM0Data Mining & Machine LearningChristopher CliftonTime
CS 39000-SL2Service Learning OutreachPhil SandsTime
CS 39000-SLOService Learning OutreachPhil SandsTime
CS 39000-VRAVirtual Reality ApplicationsGustavo Rodriguez-RiveraTime
CS 40700Software Engineering Senior ProjectBuster DunsmoreTime
CS 40800Software TestingSuresh JagannathanTime
CS 42200Computer NetworksSonia FahmyTime
CS 42600Computer SecuritySamuel WagstaffTime
CS 43400Advanced Computer GraphicsChristoph HoffmannTime
CS 44800Introduction To Relational Database SystemsWalid ArefTime
CS 45600Programming LanguagesRoopsha SamantaTime
CS 47100Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceElias BareinboimTime
CS 49000-DDPData Driven Apprch/Polcy MkingAlok Chaturvedi
James A. McCann
CS 49000-IOSiOS Development In SwiftBuster DunsmoreTime

Graduate Courses

CS 50300Operating SystemsDongyan XuTime
CS 51000Software EngineeringXiangyu ZhangTime
CS 51400Numerical AnalysisAlex PothenTime
CS 52000Computational Methods In OptimizationDavid GleichTime
CS 52500Parallel ComputingAnanth GramaTime
CS 52600Information SecurityEugene SpaffordTime
CS 52700Software SecurityMathias PayerTime
CS 52800Network SecurityAniket KateTime
CS 53000Introduction To Scientific VisualizationElisha SacksTime
CS 53600Data Communication And Computer NetworksHe WangTime
CS 54200Distributed Database SystemsBharat BhargavaTime
CS 54300Introduction To Simulation And Modeling Of Computer SystemsVernon RegoTime
CS 55500CryptographyJeremiah Martin BlockiTime
CS 57300Data MiningJennifer NevilleTime
CS 58000Algorithm Design, Analysis, And ImplementationGreg FredericksonTime
CS 58400Theory Of Computation And Computational ComplexityElena GrigorescuTime
CS 59000-BDSTopics In Big Data SystemsMohammad Sadoghi HamedaniTime
CS 59000-DSPData Security And PrivacyElisa BertinoTime
CS 59000-MTKMathematical Tookit For CSHemanta MajiTime
CS 59000-SELSocial Econ Legal Asp Of SecMike AtallahTime
CS 59000-SSSSoftware Synthesis SeminarBenjamin James DelawareTime
CS 59000-STSSecure And Trusted SystemsByoungyoung LeeTime
CS 59000-SYSSystems Security SeminarMathias PayerTime
CS 59100-SECSecurity SeminarAniket KateTime
CS 61500Numerical Methods For Partial Differential Equations IXiangxiong ZhangTime
CS 63500Capturing And Rendering Real-World ScenesDaniel G. AliagaTime
CS 63600InternetworkingDouglas ComerTime
CS 69000-SMLStatistical Machine Lrning IIJean HonorioTime

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